Anthony Marchant Commits to Southern New Hampshire University

Worcester Railers Junior Hockey Club EHL captain Anthony Marchant has announced he will be attending Southern New Hampshire University this coming fall. Marchant will join the Penmen ice hockey team, a Division-II program playing in the Northeast-10 conference. 

Marchant first spoke with SNHU head coach Sean Walsh during the 2021-2022 season, when Walsh began to express interest. After continued conversations and visits, Marchant couldn’t think of a reason not to go to the Manchester, NH based school.

“After meeting more with coach Walsh and seeing the campus, I felt like it was the best fit for me academically and athletically,” he said.  My dad always asked me after every tour, ‘Can you see yourself going there?’ After seeing and learning more about the SNHU campus,  I definitely saw a future there.”

The Norwood, Massachusetts native had a number of options, something that didn’t surprise Railers head coach Sean Bertoni.

“He is a character guy that does everything the right way,” Bertoni says. “Anthony’s preparation and commitment in the off-season with strength training, college level courses, and helping his teammates prepare are the reasons he had several college offers.”

Marchant is grateful for the support he received from both Bertoni and his family, encouraging him “to be proud of (his) decision.”

“I think the relationship with coach Walsh was the biggest factor in making his decision,” Bertoni says. “We are excited for the Marchant family. He will be missed!”

A forward with 14 points in 36 games this year, he was named captain prior to the start of the 2022-2023 season. He first joined the Railers program in the 2020-2021 season, and was instantly an EHL caliber player. 

Marchant recalls first talking with coach Bertoni after one of his high school games at Norwood High, where he starred for the Mustangs.

“Coach Bertoni approached me and brought up how he was interested in having me for the next season,” he said. “After touring the facility,  I instantly fell in love with it and have been here ever since.”

“The Railers have played a huge role in my development on the Ice by understanding the little details of the game and how to play at such a faster pace,” Marchant went on to say. “Off the Ice I feel like I’ve matured so much since I first got here. Having the Railers always preach work ethic and accountability, I feel like I’m not only leaving this organization a better player but a better person.”

Bertoni labels his captain as “a complete hockey player that always puts his teammates first.” It’s exactly this work ethic and team-first mentality that earned Marchant the “C.” 

“Being able to share the C with my two friends and representing such a high class organization is a huge honor,” Marchant said. “I feel like I’ve taken up the role well this season but when you’re alongside two great players and guys it makes the job a lot easier.”

Marchant praises the organization for not only having successful on-ice teams, but being high quality in character as well. Without his teammates in Worcester, he believes he wouldn’t be playing collegiate hockey. 

Before Marchant was captaining a junior hockey team, he was representing his home town of Norwood. Playing with the same group from mites to high school, “were some of the best years of (his) life.” He gives credit to those coaches and teammates for where he is today.

Bertoni sums up Anthony Marchant in three words: “a coach’s dream.” He predicts a smooth transition to the college game for a player he could “talk about for hours.”

 “Anthony Marchant is one of the reasons the Worcester Railers have had such great success in the three years I have been coaching in the EHL,” Bertoni said.  “He has paved the way for the younger guys, I can not thank Anthony Marchant enough for what he has done for this program”.

Marchant anticipates a summer in the gym alongside his trainer, Joe Colton. And after that, he looks forward to accomplishing his dream.

“I’m just really excited for the new challenge and commitment that comes with being in college and playing college hockey. This has been a dream of mine my whole life and being able to finally experience it is going to be great,” he said.