Become a Billet for the Worcester Railers JHC

The Worcester Railers Junior Hockey Club are looking for great families who can help billet a Junior Hockey Player.

The Worcester Railers Junior Hockey Club rosters some elite hockey players from outside of Massachusetts. To allow these players to take advantage of the hockey opportunity while with the Railers Junior teams, they require housing assistance from families within the Worcester area to serve as billet families.

“Billeting” is a hockey tradition and is especially important at the elite level of hockey. This concept involves local host families providing a home to out-of-state players for the hockey season. The billet program also allows these young men to complete their high school educations, take college preparatory classes and/or obtain part-time employment in the local community while pursuing the next step in their hockey careers.

One of the most difficult things for the junior level hockey player is moving away from home. The Worcester Railers Junior Hockey Club feels that one of the components of success for these players is to provide a comfortable living environment. We expect a lot of these players both on and off the ice and the added demands of living away from home and their families often creates added stress for them. As a result, we strive to find homes that provide a positive family environment. To help alleviate these anxieties, our players, in turn, are strongly encouraged to embrace the challenges of moving into a new household and become actively involved with the family that has so generously welcomed them into their home.

We value the importance of the billet families who open their homes to our players and appreciate the efforts made by the entire family in making our players’ transition and pursuits easier. As a result, being a billet family can be a very rewarding experience. Strong bonds are often made between the player, his parents and the billet family, which often extend well into the future, after the player has moved on to the next level.

The Worcester Railers Junior Hockey Club, the players, and their families appreciate the commitment, generosity and dedication of our billet families.


Q. What makes a great billet family?
A. Highly supportive, sensitive and patient family that can provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment. It can be overwhelming for a player to be so far away from home and away from their family. A thoughtful billet family appreciates that each player is unique, and that communication and mutual understanding takes effort. These families are those who truly wish to share their home and family with a billet.

Q. What are the benefits of being a billet family?
A. A new perspective on hockey, as seen through the eyes of your elite player. A first hand understanding of being a hockey fan, a hockey family and contributor to the growth and development of a young aspiring hockey player. The opportunity to make a difference in a young man’s life. Lifelong memories of the experience and an opportunity to watch the growth and pursuits of a player wanting to take their hockey abilities to the highest level.

Q. Do we have what it takes to be a billet family?
A. It is imperative that the Worcester Railers Junior Hockey Club place our out-of-town players in caring family environments that are committed to providing a supportive home away from home. Opening your home takes time, patience, and a willingness to share.

Q. Do I have time for a player?
A. The most confident players appreciate good quality time with their billet family. Will you be in town for the duration of your player’s stay? Is everyone in your household ready to accept someone with a different background? If you have children, are they comfortable with bringing another person into the family? Can you work your schedule to find time to help guide and interact with your billet?

Q. What does the billet family provide?
A. A separate room for the player (or a shared room for 2 players) furnished much as a college dorm would provide for a student: bed, desk & chair and clothing storage. Nutritious meals including breakfast and dinner. A patient, caring and friendly home atmosphere.
The same attention and guidance you would want for your own children.

Q. Can a family host more than one player?
A. Yes. Two (or more) players can share living quarters, transportation expenses and often times provide camaraderie for one another.

Q. What are the player’s responsibilities?
A. As a member of the household, players are expected to show respect and consideration for all host family members. They are required to follow all household rules as well as share in the daily chores, maintain their own room and do their own laundry.

Q. Is there compensation to the host family?
A. Yes, families receive a monthly billeting payment for each player. Besides offsetting the expense a family incurs when hosting a player, the compensation acknowledges the invaluable service families provide to the individual players and the Worcester Railers Junior Hockey Club.

Help make a player’s hockey pursuit easier while away from home, by participating as a billet family and provide a great local home and family environment.

If you are interested in becoming a billet family, please fill out the form below, or contact:

Worcester Railers Junior Hockey Club
Derek Alfama

Interested in becoming a billet family?